Monday, November 26, 2012

artist of the week :: david kinsey

i have had respect and admiration for david kinsey for quite a while now, and although i like some of his earlier work quite a lot, my respect for him constantly grows due to the fact that he continues to push himself and his style past what is comfortable, easy, and obvious for him. his works have become much more chaotic and layered over time. this is easily evident in the works below - part of his new show at the joshua liner gallery in nyc. head over to beautiful decay for more images and a write-up about the show, or to KinseyVisual to find a great overview of his career's work.

cool bold stuff.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

artist of the week (pt. 2) :: david shillinglaw

its been too long since i have had time to give you an artist of the week - so here's two for this week.

david shillinglaw came to my attention due to his involvement in a new show in london entitled "urban masters 2012" at the opera gallery. it brought together most of the top 'urban' artists in the world and featured work that honored many of the greatest artists in the history of the world. he spoke at the end of a video about the show and the painting of his that was shown piqued my interest.

he creates mostly mural works using spray paint and collage, utilizing bright colors and picasso-esque cubist human creations, bold patterns and positive, meaningful text. he has been invited to paint all around the world.
his website has a ton of images of him painting and shows the process that goes into each piece that is featured. i recommend taking a few minutes and explore it, if you like what you see below.

artist of the week (pt. 1) :: samuel rodriguez

samuel rodriguez has been on my radar for a few years now, thanks to, but his latest round of paintings got me really excited and i wanted to share.
there is a wonderful interaction of pattern and human form in the pieces - both in the drawing and paintings. the bold, confident pattern work weaves into, out of, and around the faces of his models, creating a super contemporary new vocabulary of what it means to be a portrait painter and designer. keep up with his work on his blog.

Friday, November 16, 2012

sari's first semester visit... and a great day in the art room!

we are always so blessed to have local portrait artist sari gaby come to give our students workshops - in fact she works with our drawing 1, painting 2, and AP students in various capacities.

today, she did her portraiture demo for drawing 1 and was artist-in-residence with AP, giving them critiques on their current 'conversation with a contemporary artist' project.

check out the pictures below. you should consider bringing her to your school... or taking lessons from her! you can call her at 585.935.1186.

drawing 1 students paying close attention.
the artist at work.
one of my favorite places.
3 hours of work and teaching.
lindsay's critique on her the gryllus-inspired painting.
hannah working on her self portrait.