Friday, November 16, 2012

sari's first semester visit... and a great day in the art room!

we are always so blessed to have local portrait artist sari gaby come to give our students workshops - in fact she works with our drawing 1, painting 2, and AP students in various capacities.

today, she did her portraiture demo for drawing 1 and was artist-in-residence with AP, giving them critiques on their current 'conversation with a contemporary artist' project.

check out the pictures below. you should consider bringing her to your school... or taking lessons from her! you can call her at 585.935.1186.

drawing 1 students paying close attention.
the artist at work.
one of my favorite places.
3 hours of work and teaching.
lindsay's critique on her the gryllus-inspired painting.
hannah working on her self portrait.

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