Sunday, November 18, 2012

artist of the week (pt. 2) :: david shillinglaw

its been too long since i have had time to give you an artist of the week - so here's two for this week.

david shillinglaw came to my attention due to his involvement in a new show in london entitled "urban masters 2012" at the opera gallery. it brought together most of the top 'urban' artists in the world and featured work that honored many of the greatest artists in the history of the world. he spoke at the end of a video about the show and the painting of his that was shown piqued my interest.

he creates mostly mural works using spray paint and collage, utilizing bright colors and picasso-esque cubist human creations, bold patterns and positive, meaningful text. he has been invited to paint all around the world.
his website has a ton of images of him painting and shows the process that goes into each piece that is featured. i recommend taking a few minutes and explore it, if you like what you see below.

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