Friday, March 11, 2011

scholastic art awards 2011!

Congrats to all of the students who had their work submitted to the Scholastic Art Awards for the 2010-11 school year. Once again, both Webster High Schools faired well in this competition - receiving 15 regional Gold Key awards and 1 national Gold Key.
The winners are as follows:

Thomas High School:
Courtney Brown Drawing
Brianna Cahill Ceramics & Glass
Austin Frank Drawing
Austin Frank Painting
Amanda Gere Photography Portfolio
Dominic Montante Drawing
Jessi Putnam Mixed Media
Jordan Tiberio Photography
Jordan Tiberio Photography
Jordan Tiberio Photography
Nicole Zoyhofski Ceramics & Glass

Schroeder High School:
Lauren Cronk Painting
Samantha Gibney Mixed Media
Victor Piacentini Sculpture
Lori Posato Painting

Thomas High School:
Jordan Tiberio Photography ("7 Days With You"):

artist of the week :: kris lewis

kris lewis says, "as i begin a painting the subject physically, emotionally and spiritually reveals itself to me. each brushstroke speaks to the subsequent stroke, carrying out a dialogue, linking my subject and me as if we were meeting for the first time. i find this uncertainty exciting and embrace the indecisive nature of my work."

his work although contemporary in theme is classical in composition and style. this interaction and dialog with the history of art is inspiring, and reminds us that we dont live in an artistic bubble. lewis' latvian heritage is evident in the works, as is the influence of artists like albrecht durer, hieronymus bosch, gustav klimt, and hans holbein. they also have a strong motion picture/hollywood quality to them in my opinion - again showing that what we digest informs what we create.

find out more at his website.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

new painting :: dan auerbach "everlasting light"

i'm thinking about doing some sort of alphabet series with musician portraits. if i do go ahead with it - this will be the first piece... "B for The Black Keys". this is their singer/guitarist dan auerbach.

it is small, allowing me to play with the scale of the stencil openings and marks made by pencils and paintbrushes.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

new painting :: john coltrane "blue meditations"

i completed this piece to be hung with my students at our current show at the owl house.
i have been looking at a great deal of collage artists lately. as always, i am continuing to look for ways to create an art work that is part painting and part artifact... almost like it has been pulled out of the ground... once being part of a wall or some larger structure.

artist of the week :: ian ingram

thanks as always to mr. stephens who suggested i check out this contemporary portrait artist.

i am enamoured with his dream-like pastel pieces, including amazing grayscale detailing and small flourishes of color.

you can find out more about each of his pieces (and zoom in really close) on his website.

healing wisdom.