Wednesday, October 8, 2008

WSA logo design contest

Hey Webster ART students...

Every year, WSA holds an annual soccer tournament called the Lakefront Classic hosting over 200 teams. They are looking for someone to create a new logo for this tournament. The logo will be used on brochures, apparel, and anything else they need to use it for the tournament.
The winner will be awarded a $100.00 check.
All entries must be submitted to on behalf of WSA by Monday, November 3rd. (If you are going to hand-draw it, I would be happy to help you scan and fix it)
*This contest is ONLY for Webster High School Students

(This is the old logo for your reference)


Yamill said...

hey if you'd like to start a design contest and have more entries. come to

you can launch a design contest for free, and have a community of talented designer individuals submit and compete for your prizes. said...

thanks, but its just for my students. i'm not interested in having any other community compete.