Thursday, September 11, 2008

friday wisdom.

i thought i'd start uploading friday wisdom each week...
here's a little piece of home, and of the art room for ya.


Franzie Weldgen said...

Hey Todd!
Here I am at MCC teaching a Drawing I class and I am exposed to the magic of your former student, Austin, as he is transforming a drawing of Strawberry Shortcake into a composition out of Zombiefest 2025! He turned me onto your website which is glorious! Great jazz pieces. I agree with you on Vampire Weekend. Have you tried giving Jose Gonzalez a spin? MCC's faculty exhibit opens up this Friday (9/12) from 7-9pm in the Mercer Gallery. It will be up for the next 3 weeks. Hope all is well in Webster-land!!

Franzie Weldgen

RJ said...

I miss Austin and pizza

Krysta said...

Mr Stahl,
I kept a huge amount of the friday wisdoms from last year and made a whole binder of the sayings. I really love reading them =) Hope the school year is going well! I'm coming home for the weekend of October 3rd and I'll make sure to stop in!!!!