Friday, April 27, 2012

super duper AP artists...

check out the coverage highlighting our awesome webster AP artists on the D&C's webster blog.

big thanks to mrs. rosenberry!

artroom playlist for the week

curious what you heard this week???

'amelie' soundtrack
band of horses - mix
beirut - the rip tide
the black keys - brothers
bob marley & the wailers- catch a fire
danger mouse & daniele luppi - rome
death cab for cutie - codes and keys, transatlanticism
the evens - the evens
jack johnson - mix
jack white - blunderbuss
little roy - battle for seattle
mazzy star - so tonight that i might see
nick drake - bryter layter, pink moon
norah jones - little broken hearts
mozart - violin concertos 1 & 2
real estate - days
the smiths - mix
thievery corporation - the mirror conspiracy
haydn - string quartet in c major, piano concerto in d major
'under the covers' mix
'snow day' mix
'wait, snow?' mix

Thursday, April 26, 2012

new painting :: arthur miller

"act two", my new painting of arthur miller, author of death of a salesman and the crucible, and one-time husband of marilyn monroe.

here is the initial collage layout; including a newspaper from 1956, an envelope and letter to my grandmother from 1954, pages from "death of a salesman", and pictures of marilyn.

friday wisdom.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

studio in art paintings!

i just received my schedule for next year and im sad to see that i will not be teaching any studio in art. i love the energy that the 9th graders bring to the classroom, and helping to get them excited about art-making is really fun and rewarding.

this year's class is doing really awesome work with their abstract expressive painting project and i thought i'd share their in-progress works with the world, as they are having a mid point crit today in class.

Friday, April 20, 2012

community arts day 2012!

another year, another great display of webster's artistic 1st-12th grade students at community arts day.
it all goes down tomorrow, but i shot pics today as i got set up.
i am constantly amazed by these kids and their work!!!

another great visit from sari

we are blessed to have the wonderful sari gaby join us multiple times each year in the drawing 1 and painting 2 classes here at WTHS. she shares her insights about portraiture as well as bits about her life and experiences.
she finished a portrait from a live model in just over two hours this morning - and it was an invaluable experience for my students.
you should check out her website or see me if you are interested in more information about classes, private lessons, or to have her come to your school.

and finally... a picture of the current project that my drawing 2 class is working on.

artroom playlist

curious what you heard in class this week???

the black keys - brothers, el camino
bob marley & the wailers - catch a fire (jamaican version)
crosby, stills, nash & young - mix
death cab for cutie - mix
gorillaz - demon days
gotye - making mirros
horse feathers - house with no name
iron & wine - mix
jack white - blunderbuss
jakob dylan - women and country
new multitudes - s/t
jonsi - we bought a zoo (score)
m. ward - mix
morphine - the night
nick drake - bryter later, pink moon
norah jones - come away with me, little broken hearts
the notwist - neon golden
mozart - violin concertos #1-5
portishead - dummy, s/t
sam cooke - the rhythm and the blues
'wait, snow?' mix

Thursday, April 19, 2012

friday wisdom... and mr. nowak.

this one goes out to mr. nowak... 
as do so many of these friday wisdoms

he often put quotes like this on the board in sociology and eastern religion class - and lived them - setting an example for all of us. 

the book SIDDHARTHA made a huge impact on me when i read it in his class, and i have not forgotten its lessons.

if i can make half the impact on the lives of my students that this man has - i'll consider my career a success.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

the story behind the name

for many of you, the name of this website means nothing... it's symbol just an abstract shape...

read about "45" records here.

for me, it dates back to listening to my mom's records (both 45s and LPs) when i was growing up. i loved the size and personality of the 45. small record, big hole. we had an old jukebox in our basement.

i began working at Fantastic Records (who's store space is now some ritzy pittsford home furnishings store...) in high school and my love for and appreciation of music only continued to grow during this period, and on into adulthood.

i chose the 45rpm insert (see below, bottom right) as my logo - to represent my deep connection to and passion for music. over time i have stuck with the name in part because of the music connection, but also because i liked the idea of the multiple meanings for the word REVOLUTION.

45 revolutions per minute.

there it is. the story behind the name.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

artist of the week :: alyssa monks

want to know how to paint figures in water? 
just check out the paintings of alyssa monk.
large scale paintings of figures floating in or immersed in water, emerging from fog, pressed against shower plate glass, and abstracted against the forms of the moving water.
visit her website for more info and a vast amount of paintings.

Friday, April 6, 2012

artroom playlist for this week

curious what you heard this week in the artroom?

"amélie" soundtrack
birdy - birdy
the civil wars - barton hollow
disable planets - blowout comb
dr. john - locked down
efterklang - magic chairs
iron & wine - our endless numbered days
norah jones - come away with me
mozart - violin sonatas (andrew manze, richard egarr)
the postal service - give up
rubblebucket - mix
sam cooke - the rhythm and the blues
thievery corporation - "babylon central" soundtrack
zero 7 - simple things
zero 7 - when it falls
my 'be present' mix
my 'solitude' mix
my 'focus' mix
my 'wait, snow?' mix
my 'old windows let the cold in' mix

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

where are YOUR friday wisdoms?

i need your help!
i recently realized that i just passed friday wisdom #100 and it got me thinking...

do you have your friday wisdom flyers posted somewhere?...
are they collaged on your bedroom wall? did you take a few favorites to college and put them up in your dorm? are there a couple glued into your sketchbook? do you have them all on the wall of your classroom?

i would love to see pictures of where friday wisdom resides in your life. email them to me and i'll post them here!

my classroom doorway

binder of old friday wisdom flyers

chelsey's room at college

chelsey's room at home, packed for a big move

cokie's portfolio

jocelyn's dorm

mrs. leahy's classroom

mr. mitchell's classroom

mrs. schoenweitz's office

scott's desk

scott's house

present from scott - june 2011

michelle's dorm

ms. byrne's classroom

jessi's portfolio

julia's room

jess' laptop background

miss schotthoefer's classroom

the chandler's fridge

mr. johnville's classroom

lauren's creative collage

patrice's dorm room

amber's room

sarah's room

johanna's room

beth's dorm room 1

beth's dorm room 2

kaitlyn's dorm room