Tuesday, November 23, 2010

thanksgiving wisdom.

artist of the week :: ben tour

im loving ben tour's expressive portraits. the subtle non-paint elements add a little something extra to the pieces.

from his website: Canadian-born artist Ben Tour (b. 1977) channels a dark, often haunting sense of humanism in his work. His observations deftly inform his paintings, enabling him to capture the essence of a character, and then distort that view any way he desires. Frenetic lines, swaths of color, and intimate angles all convey a sense that Tour may not only be drawing inspiration from the lives of strangers he observes, but manifesting his own personal experiences as well. Ben Tour lives on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia with his Wife and two children.

rochester art supply.

thanks to mike at rochester art supply for the assistance with my workshop at the NYSATA conference last saturday.
i wouldnt have been able to have the quality art materials so quickly without your help.

i am always impressed with the amount of great supplies that the shop has. a huge selection of montana spray paints, and pretty much every other supply i use.

you can check out them out online at http://www.fineartstore.com/

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

art department... new web presence!

there is a new site for the thomas art department.
you can check us out here. (there is also a link at the top of my page)

also, i have created a group on facebook for alumni of webster's art program. if you arent connected to me on facebook yet ("Webster AP Art alumni"), join the group through a friend who already is, or friend me and i'll add you in.

we are looking to get a database made of alumni & what they do once they leave us. we'd love to hear from you!