Wednesday, October 27, 2010

bob dylan lyric interpretation

the drawing 2 class will be creating a visual interpretation of a lyric by bob dylan.

this is the handout they recieved:

i'll post some of the work once it's done.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

portfolio day at syracuse university

Portfolio Day is a great opportunity for any student who is planning to go into an art-related field, whether that means going to an art school or not.
You will get feedback about your artwork from as many representatives as you can get to within the time you are there.
Every art school, as well as some universities, will have representatives there to critique your work, and let you know if you would be a good fit with their school climate.
This tends to be a very rewarding opportunity for our students – most feedback is very positive… But remember, everyone has a different opinion – so please don’t be discouraged by anything that a specific rep might say – think about their comments, but don’t take them as the bottom line about your art.

Registration begins at 9am, but you may arrive at anytime. You will stand in line for just about every school, so I would suggest planning to stay AT LEAST 2 hours, but if you can stay the entire time, it will be to your advantage. Also, you may want to bring your sketchbook or something else to do while you stand in lines.


More information can be found here:
or call SU College of Visual and Performing Arts at 315.443.2769

(1 hour 30 minutes, 93 miles)

590 s (to Rochester)
490e (to Victor)
90e (to Albany)
690e (to Syracuse / Fairgrounds)
off at exit 17. at bottom of ramp, take a hard right on South State Street.
Right on Colvin Street.
Proceed under NYS RT 81 and up the hill.

Monday, October 4, 2010

artist of the week :: angela grossmann

collage, charcoal, paint. lots of textures, balance of detail and gesture, and a wonderful open space. sometimes, less is more.
the ap class is currently doing a piece based on her work and andy warhol's. we'll see how it all turns out.

from her website:
"Grossmann collages faces together from photocopies of old photographs in a way that is subtle and coherently representational, playing at transparency. “I collage the figures from a million different sources. What acts as a leg in one is not a leg; I put in boys bits for girls. If you look at collage of the earlier practitioners – whom I love – they used it for a strange, shattering effect, with say a huge head and tiny body, that kind of thing. I wanted to use my collage so that it appeared to make sense, but actually didn’t. I found it much more exciting to have it look real.” She calls this process ‘painting with photography’, I draw and paint with the photograph, and then re-photograph, then I blow it up, and I keep drawing and painting.”'

see more of her interesting and unique work here