Monday, May 24, 2010

senior ball!

we were bombarded upon arriving at eagle vale by 20 high school seniors who wanted to have their picture taken together as an ap art class. i was feelin the love.
as always, the class of 2010 was classy and sassy.

Monday, May 10, 2010

artist of the week :: jane maxwell

we are all products of our consumer culture.

we talked in drawing 2 last week about this a good amount during our contemporary artist presentation. i thought this artist further represented the ideas we talked about regarding body image and consumer culture.

this is jane maxwell's artist statement, taken from her website:

Feminine silhouettes are central icons in this work examining contemporary women and body image.

From movies and television, to magazines and billboards, we are inundated with representations of the perfect figure. This art deconstructs the ideal, by depicting women who have been stripped of fashion and airbrushing--and are shaped instead from a layering of vintage produce crate labels, Hollywood posters, and related ephemera.

This work often depicts women in conversation, comparison or repetition, underscoring the role female camaraderie and competition play in the ideal body quest, and making a statement about our culture's insistence on uniformity.

Each canvas is the result of many hours of labor--layering, sanding, building up and scraping back. Layers are created using a special technique with hot melted beeswax. The most recent work is finished with layers of high-gloss resin.

summer art programs in the ROC

bored over the summer?
looking to get away from call of duty for a week or two?
if so, there are a number of great local art programs over the summer to get involved in...

taught by WSHS AP art teacher bill stephens, and MCC professor karen sardisco
july 6-10, 12-16 :: 9am-5pm
$900 (scholarships are available on a needs-basis)
this program is for incoming high school seniors who are planning on attending an art school/program post-high school.
it is centered around the process of preparing a college entry art portfolio with emphasis on in-depth investigation of media, concept development, and critical analysis. you will draw from life (still life and figure), participate in critiques, and conduct visual resarch.
contact zerbe sodervick :: for an application/more information.

this program sounds like a really fun investigation of the place where art, science, math, and technology overlap.
there are 2 two-week sessions in july, which cost around $700
you can find out more information here.

taught by nazareth art faculty mitch messina (ceramics/sculpture) and ron netsky (drawing/painting)
july 6-23 :: 9am-2:30pm
for students ages 13-18 who are interested and talented in the visual arts. you will work on a variety of mediums in a fun and productive environment.
june 1 registration deadline
you can find out more information here.

friday wisdom

from THE FOUR AGREEMENTS, by don miguel ruiz