Friday, April 17, 2009

youtube friday.

yes, gross... but kinda cool.
thanks to mrs. chandler for the heads up on this one.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

new mix :: RISEN.

new mix for april 2009.

1. phoenix : lisztomania
2. grizzly bear : two weeks
3. peter bjorn & john : nothing to worry about
4. dinosaur jr. : puke + cry
5. death cab for cutie : a diamond and a tether
6. thenewno2 : out of mind
7. kid cuti : day ‘n’ night
8. metric : twilight galaxy
9. gomez : win park slope
10. peter bjorn & john : living thing
11. the decemberists : here i dreamt i was an architect
12. phoenix : 1901
13. metric : sick muse
14. dinosaur jr. : thumb
15. gomez : little pieces
16. death cab for cutie : little bribes
17. +/- : subdued
18. grizzly bear : southern point
19. yeasayer : tightrope

Sunday, April 5, 2009

crawling baby.

crawling. talking. playing.
...oh the life of a baby...
its crazy to think that in 2 weeks he'll be one year old. where did the time go?

Friday, April 3, 2009

youtube friday.

banksy hits a few nyc museums with his own artwork.

for more info, and to see the artwork he put up, click here.

1,000 journals project book... missing.

at some point in the last year, i lent out this book. it was not returned... i love the book and would really like to get it back.

if it randomly has shown up at your house, in your dorm room, or in your portfolio... could you please please please bring it back... no questions asked.

visit their website to learn more about the 1,000 journals project.

pre-college summer art programs.

if you are considering AP art for your senior year, and are going into either your junior or senior year in high school, there are a number of summer opportunities out there for you to extend your artistic thinking and abilities.

most, if not all, art colleges in the nation offer pre-college summer residence programs that you can go to (and in many cases, earn college credit through).

here is a list of ones i would recommend (linked where available):
columbus college of art & design (CCAD)
maryland institute college of art (MICA): baltimore
maryland institute college of art (MICA): tuscany
rochester institute of technology (RIT): see me for info, or call 475.4977 (this is a very cost-effective program taught by webster schroeder's AP art teacher bill stephens)
cleveland institute of art (CIA)
new york state summer school of the arts (NYSSSA)
savannah college of art & design (SCAD)
college for creative studies (CCS)
the art institute of boston (AIB)