Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

wths art club design competition.

attention all thomas high school artists...

the art club is going to be doing a screen printing fundraiser on december 10th and 11th after school. to prepare for this we are having a design competition to find a few new shirt designs to print. you are all eligible to enter - here are the rules:

1. design may be no larger than 8.5”x11”
2. must be black & white.
3. must have no lines thinner than a sharpie marker.
4. cannot be advertising any team or band that is copyrighted... wths is the only official logo that may be used.
5. you can hand draw (must be markered), use the computer (paint, photoshop), or do something creative with text... or a combination of the 3.
6. designs will be judged by art club afterschool on thursday, december 4th - therefor, they are due by 2:30 that day to room 57. we reserve the right to choose as many or as few designs as we deem right for the fundraiser.
7. if your design wins, you recieve free printing on one garment during the fundraiser.
8. we look forward to seeing your designs!

Monday, November 24, 2008

new painting.

miles davis. 'iconic'
oil paint and gold leaf on found wood.

Friday, November 21, 2008

thanksgiving wisdom.

... its easy to forget through all that turkey.

artist of the week :: ann strassman

i know it seems obvious that i would like ann strassman's work - bold portraits on found surfaces. its an easy fit for me - but what i find interesting about her work is the inclusion of the found markings on the boxes. she incorporates the stickers, labels, and printed words into the pieces in interesting ways. its something ive never thought of before.

beyond that, the marks she makes are quite beautiful. it seems that she studied the paintings of alberto giacometti.

here is her artist statement from 2007:
"a riot of pigment applied with an athletic force-coming together to create life.
there are no metaphors-just the magic of paint. "

see more of ann's work at the kidder smith gallery

Saturday, November 15, 2008

iron & wine with blitzen trapper in buffalo

these two beastly musical forces met up for a late show in buffalo at ani difranco's babeville.

although i knew blitzen trapper's music, i didnt realize just how amazing it was. if you like roots music and indie rock, or both - check these guys out. i was blown away. here's a video of a show in may '08 (although its missing songs from their great new album 'furr')...

...and that was just the precursor for the gorgeous musings of iron & wine (you can download the concert for just $10 here). sam and sarah beam started the show slowly... then built in a new member as the songs went on - adding piano, accordian, violin, bass, xylophone, hand percussion, and drums slowly throughout the first 6 songs. once the band was all on stage, they simmered their way through much of the amazing 'the shepard's dog' along with other wonderful re-workings of older songs. they ended the show with another sweet, mellow duet. it was a powerful show.
spend some time with them below. you wont regret it.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

artist of the week :: jonathan 'viner' weiner

according to his website, jonathan weiner (aka: 'viner') “uses layers of symbolism, both conscious and subconscious, to construct somewhat ambiguous narratives that invite and challenge the audience to be an active participant in the viewing experience.” although that seems kind of convoluted, it make sense if you think about it... if you look at his work, it leads you somewhere, but its up to you to make the conclusions. which (in my humble opinion) is what art should do.

i am always impressed by viner's use of point of view, color and form stylization, as well as veiled metaphor/symbolism. they take me on a journey... in a tim burton, twisted fairytale kind of way.
not only are his paintings beautiful and worth looking at, but his drawings are great too.

here are some links for further perusal...
jonathan levine gallery (also the site of the most recent exhibit of 45rpm favorite shepard fairey)
myartspace>blog interview
fecal face interview with nice visuals (you can also check out info on future a.o.t.w. jeremy fish here)

webster varsity radio on the 90.5fm WBER

if you are by the computer (listen here) or by the radio (listen here) weekdays between 4-5, you should be tuned in to webster varsity radio. we broadcast on 90.5fm WBER rochester, the only station that matters. we have 19 senior student djs, broadcasting from our studio at webster thomas high school.

farkazi, dj c, & jem snagglez on thursday are the duder's new favorite djs - he was rocking out all afternoon! (he's groovin' to talking heads below)

if you aren't familiar with WBER, you should be. it is a listener-supported and volunteer-operated station (minus one employee, fellow music junkie and 45rpm favorite, joey guisto), playing alot of music that you wont hear on any other local station... along with the best of the music you may hear smattered on other stations.

there is a great history of wber on wikipedia in case you are interested. its a quick and interesting read.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

yes we can.

this speech is certainly a defining moment for our country. it inspired me.

i am proud of us for the first time in a long time.

yes we can.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

halloween baby... (& new pics galore).

wilco's jeff tweedy gets the 'colbert bump'

Thursday night Stephen Colbert welcomed 45RPM favorite Jeff Tweedy to his guest stool for a hard hitting interview in which he proposed new and more rocking names for the Wilco frontman (Jeff Silky or even better, Joffrey Velvet) and also questioned the political propriety of offering free MP3s on the Wilco site. ("Are you a socialist? ... That sounds like 'Let's spread the songs around.'") Jeff explained that no, they are just really lousy capitalists, and went on to share Wilco's relatively deep history with Senator Obama and their request in '05 to play the forthcoming Presidential Inaugural Ball. (Barack's response is definitely pre-Audacity Of Hope.)
And not to be outdone by Joe The Plumber's pending music career, the band joined Jeff on stage for the world premiere of the spirit-of-the-times rocker, "Wilco The Song." Which should probably be named "Wilco The Band," but still, good zing, Joffrey Velvet.
[thanks stereogum]


["wilco the song"]

that face runs in the family...

while looking through the newest batch of pictures of josh, something struck me... my entire family makes the same goofy face in pictures.

so, here's the history of the face... too bad i could never imagine my grandpa making the face... but that would be hilarious.

dad (with mom... surprise... at grinnell's)

me (with jake at the prom)

the little duder